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Paper Bag Handle
Paper bag handles are available in a wide range of colours and designs. The majority of these products are made of PP material which makes them strong, resistant and durable. Paper bag handles come in three types like rope, twist, and flat. 
Braided Ropes
Braided ropes are formed by braiding three or more rope strands together. These are frequently employed in nautical applications. Our products are less likely to tangle. Braided ropes are stronger and more abrasion-resistant. These are pleasant to the touch and simple to hold.  
Braided Cord
Braided cords are a tubular braid created by collectively branding eight or ten thin threads. These are sturdy, long-lasting and are perfect for a range of uses. Braided cords can be utilised as a decorative element in your house or for activities like producing jewellery. 
Polyester Cord
Polyester cords are constructed from polyester fibres that have been twisted together to resemble rope. These are a sturdy, long-lasting option that may be used in a variety of contexts. Polyester cords are employed in industrial, maritime, and marine applications.
Webbing Tape
Webbing tapes are applicable for upholstery, luggage handles, and backpack straps.  These are a strong, wide tape that is used to reinforce cloth or webbing. Webbing tapes can be utilised to strengthen and assist a range of undertakings. 
Shoe Laces
Shoe laces are a frequent method for securing shoes, boots, and other types of footwear. These are typically used to fasten shoes to your feet. Without these strings, your shoes would probably fall off with each step. 
T End Rope Handles
T-end rope handles allow you to find the ideal grip for your hand. These are also known as tipping cords used as handles for paper bags, boxes, and other packaging materials, including boxes used to store chargers or other accessories. 

Paper Handle
Paper handles are constructed of kraft paper and sophisticated tools. These are available in different shades of brown like golden brown, milk cream etc. Paper handles work well for hauling large goods. Our offerings are recyclable and environmentally friendly. 
T Tac
T tac handles or cords can be used for quick, reliable engagement and disengagement. These are best suitable for paper bags, boxes, and other packaging materials to grip the bag or even boxes used for chargers or other accessories. 
Mask Elastics
Mask elastics have the ability to fasten the mask behind your ears enables it to be placed on your face precisely, covering your nose and mouth. These basically are a small silicone or rubber band which is used to retain teeth in place.
Round Shape Eyelets
Eyelets strengthen the holes that strings or loops travel through, preventing the holes from distorting or fraying. These are tiny discs made of metal or plastic that have a hole in the middle. Eyelets are applied to strengthen tears in cloth or other textiles.

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