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P. K. International

A Firm on which you can rely to avail Paper bag Handles,Paper Bag Handle Ropes,Tipping Ropes,Braided Ropes,Twisted paper handle,Webbing Tape and a lot more....

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About Us

Acclaimed on a global level for working with great enthusiasm, we are, P. K. International, a company from which customers avail best quality Paper bag Handles, Paper Bag Handle Ropes, Tipping Ropes, Braided Ropes, Twisted paper handle, Webbing Tape and much more. We are a high functioning business enterprise, which operates as a manufacturer and exporter. The intention is to make sure that the customers receive promptly, what they expect from us, irrespective of where they are established.

We have been excellently undertaking each one of our activity since our incorporation.
Experience perfection in the quality of well-designed products
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